Current Position

Randy K. Hammer has almost 40 years experience as a Christian minister, having pastored churches in Tennessee, Texas, and New York.  After serving for six years as minister of First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, of Albany, New York, his most recent position is minister of the United Church, Chapel on the Hill, of Oak Ridge, Tennessee.


Randy has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Philosophy and Religion from East Tennessee State University, a Master of Divinity Degree from Memphis Theological Seminary, a Master of Arts in Literature from Tennessee State University, and a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago.  RandyPulpitCropped2




Certification Endeavors

Randy recently completed the Southern Appalachian Naturalist Certification Program through the Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont, constituting him as a Certified Naturalist.  Randy combines nature photography with inspirational quotations on his blog, The Reflective Naturalist.

Published Works


Woodpecker and Moon: Nature Poems

Light from the Hill: Select Sermons from Rev. Dr. Randy Hammer’s First Five Years at the United Church of Oak Ridge.

Woodpecker and Moon: Poems on Nature’s Seasons (chapbook)

The Dancing Stones: 26 Children’s Sermons with Activities

God’s Blue Earth: Teaching Kids to Celebrate the Sacred Gift of Water (Co-authored with Suzanne Blokland)

What’s So Amazing About Polar Bears: Teaching Kids to Care for Creation (Co-authored with Suzanne Blokland and Kristin Evans)

The Shining Light: 26 Children’s Sermons with Activities

The Singing Bowl: 26 Children’s Sermons with Activities

52 Ways to Ignite Your Congregation: Practical Hospitality

The Talking Stick: 40 Children’s Sermons with

Everyone a Butterfly: 40 Sermons for Children

Dancing in the Dark: Lessons in Facing Life’s Challenges with Courage and Creativity

Newspaper Columns

“Faith & Values” column appearing weekly in the WILLIAMSON A.M., Section W of the TENNESSEAN, 1998-2002.

“Reflections,” a weekly column appearing in the WILLIAMSON LEADER, Franklin, TN,  1991-1998.

Children’s Sermons Published in ABINGDON CHILDRENS SERMON LIBRARY, VOLUME 2 (2007)
“Letting Our Light Shine”
“Jesus is the Bread of Life”
“Let the Children Come”
“The God Who Delivers”
“Give of Your Best to the Master”

VOLUME 3 (2008)
“Blessed Is the One Who Comes”

Sermons Published in MINISTERS MANUAL (1997-2009)
“Making a Believer Out of Me”
“A Child Shall Lead”
“When Facing a Giant”
“Share and Share Alike”
“The Ultimate Survivor”
“Friends in Low Places”
“When God Makes Us Laugh”
“If We Had Known Then What We Know Now”
“Being Careful of What We Hear” 
“Logging on to God”
“Who’ll Be There for You?”
“Learning to Live”
“How Far Love Goes”
“The Importance of the Journey”
“Getting Rid of Excess Baggage”
“The Burden on My Back”
“Three Philosophies of Life”
“The Ministry of Listening”
“The Problem with People Labeling”
“Only Speaking Positively”
“Dealing with Inner Conflict”
“Taking Responsibility For Our Lives”
“Maximizing Our Potential”
“Thanks in All Circumstances”
“Ready or Not”
“Dreaming Heavenly Dreams”
“If You Want to Walk on Water”
“Holding Hands and Walking Together”
“A Standard of Giving – A Stewardship Meditation”
“Tearing the Roof Off for God”
“God’s Water Blessing”
“The Possibility of Positive Change”
“What is Your Greatest Obstacle?”
“The Call to Greater Things”
“Hope Against All Hope”
“The Challenges of Parenthood”
“The Irony of Christmas Peace”
“When the Winds Are Against Us”
“But We’ve Never Done It That Way Before”
“The Be-Glad Attitude”
“The Commandments of Christ”
“Considering Our Worth”
“I Am a Christian–So Why Am I Tempted?”
“Making Sense of Life’s Wildernesses”
“The Divine Mirror”
“Coming to Remember”
“How to Hold Up Your Head”
“The Touch of Love”
“What Being a Parent Sometimes Means”
“Where In the World Is God?”
“Sharing Dominion with God”

Poems Published
“Singing In the Day” UNIVERSALIST HERALD, Winter 2011.

“This Day” UNIVERSALIST HERALD, November-December 1996.
“Sunday Afternoon” UNIVERSALIST HERALD, July-August 1996.
“Great I Am” UNIVERSALIST HERALD, March-April 1996.
“Thanks for the Morning” UNIVERSALIST HERALD, March-April 1996.
“Have You Seen” FOREVER AND A DAY, National Library of Poetry, 1996; UNIVERSALIST HERALD, March-April 1995.
“Grandma’s Quilt” THE SPIRIT OF THE AGE, National Library of Poetry, 1996.
“Ode to Francis” UNIVERSALIST HERALD, November-December 1995.
“Every Common Bush” UNIVERSALIST HERALD, September-October 1995.
“A Cardinal” UNIVERSALIST HERALD, July-August 1995.
“How Can One Say” UNIVERSALIST HERALD, May-June 1995.
“Not by Bread Alone” UNIVERSALIST HERALD, October 1994.
“Anthem to Autumn” THE SPACE BETWEEN, National Library of Poetry, 1994.
“I May Have Eaten a Worm” TSU LITERARY REVIEW, Spring 1994.
“Ivy” TSU LITERARY REVIEW, Spring 1994.

Articles Published
“A place to gather in harmony” ALBANY TIMES UNION, Jan. 20, 2007.
“Past shows a Christian diversity” ALBANY TIMES UNION, July 1, 2006.
“New York to start new churches” UNITED CHURCH NEWS, Feb/Mar 2006.
“The Time Is Now for New Church Development.” UNITED CHURCH NEWS, New York Edition, Feb/Mar 2006.
“Networks locked out inclusion” ALBANY TIMES UNION, Dec. 20, 2004.
“Encountering Islam.” THE CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN, April 2003.
“Think Plastic” (recycling article). NASHVILLE PARENT MAGAZINE, August 1995.
“Fathers in the Forefront.” NASHVILLE PARENT MAGAZINE, July 1994.
“Reaping a Bountiful Crop-A Look at an NCD.” MISSIONARY MESSENGER, February 1991.

Religious Education Articles and Materials
“The Good Samaritan at School.” POCKETS Magazine, September 1993.
“Sharing the Good News.” Four Adult Bible Study Lessons for ENCOUNTER, Feb. 1993.
“The Word of God.” Series of seven meditations, THESE DAYS, July-August 1991.
“Visions of God’s Rule.” Thirteen Adult Bible Study Lessons for ENCOUNTER, Fall 1989.
“Making Learning Activities Work.” CHILDREN’S BIBLE SERIES, June-July-August 1988.
“Evidences of the Spirit.” Series of eight meditations, THESE DAYS, May-June 1988.
“One Wave After Another.” UPPER ROOM, May-June 1987.
“The Triumphant Sufferer.” Series of five meditations, THESE DAYS, Nov-Dec 1986.
“Unexpected Growth.” UPPER ROOM, July-August 1986.

Other Published Pieces
“The Nature of Man in John Steinbeck’s Long Fiction” (Master’s Thesis). Tennessee State University (TSU) 1994.
“The Five and Ten” (short story). VOICES (Cool Springs Press anthology), December 1995.
“The Prophet” (short story). TSU LITERARY REVIEW, Spring 1994.


Ordering Information

To order one of Randy’s works or for more information, email him at: rkhammer@aol.com.


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