All Through the Night (a new hymn)

“All Through the Night” words (C) Copyright 2016 by Randy K. Hammer -Tune: Finlandia

All through the night to God I raise my pleadings;

through tears of pain I suffer through the hours.

How long, O Lord, I cry and often wonder,

shall violent men their hateful deeds impart?

And evil win over the good the men do?

And senseless killing rage throughout the land?


At break of dawn I lift my eyes and sunward;

and see the rays roll back the clouds of gloom.

A gleam of hope shines through to give assurance

that kindly deeds shall in the end prevail!

That humankind can someday live  together

in perfect peace and harmony and love.


“All Through the Night” (C) Copyright 2016 by Randy K. Hammer.  Inspired by the 2016 Orlando nightclub massacre.


About randykhammer

Minister and writer
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2 Responses to All Through the Night (a new hymn)

  1. Jane G. Buchanan says:

    Beautiful poem, Randy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Connie Martin says:

    As I listened to these lyrics Sunday, it was no surprise to me that you were able to compose these thoughts into something so meaningful and appropriate. Thank-you for the time, energy and effort you put into your preparation. It is apparent from the quality and gravity of your words each week. They certainly help me navigate the challenges life brings.

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