Earth Day Hymn (Alternate tunes)

God, Whose Face Shines Through Creation

Words (C) 2016 Randy K. Hammer          Tune: HYFRYDOL – RH Prichard

Alt. Tune: AUSTRIAN HYMN – FJ Haydn


God, whose face shines through creation; God whose glory is revealed:

In the earth’s array of colors, in the rivers and the hills;

Ancient mountains, lakes and oceans, rocks and trees, and flowers too;

Anywhere our eyes do focus, there your face shines clearly through!


God, whose might is manifested in the planets swirling round:

In the billion bright stars shining, in the stars yet to be found;

In the universe wide expanding, galaxies still yet unseen;

In the splendor of the moonlight, even in the sun’s radiant beams!


God, whose love shines new each morning with the rising sun on high:

In the earth’s sure changing seasons, in the graceful geese that fly;

Seed time, harvests, golden meadows, autumn bounty, ripe, full fields;

Frosty mornings, trees ice-laden, your great love far and wide’s revealed!

“God, Whose Face Shines Through Creation” Copyright (C) 2016 by Randy K. Hammer.  All rights reserved.



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